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MyRSA is a hospitality industry service that provides information and apps for venues and staff to stay compliant.

MyRSA efficiently and securely manages RSA and other staff documents and information in one centralised environment. MyRSA makes compliance easy!

MyRSA provides staff and venue managers with a unique notification service for expiring documents and need for compliance renewal. Stay compliant and reduce the risk of hefty fines!

MyRSA has an independent website providing information on Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA), Responsible Conduct/Service of Gambling (RCG/RSG) and other competency training requirements in the states and territories of Australia for staff and venue managers in the hospitality industry.

MyRSA keeps you updated on important regulations, changes and requirements that directly affect you.

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The MyRSA App

Manage your compliance documents on the go with the powerful yet simple to use FREE MyRSA Apple and Android Apps.

After setting up your free user account by clicking login/register above you can download the MyRsa App, then capture and upload documents, receive expiry and other important notifications, connect with your venue and search for and be notified of available jobs in your area (if you are not connected to a venue).

Venues can set up an account with a small subscription by clicking login/register above. Then download the MyRSA App and manage a single venue or group of venues with departments, managers and staff documents.

Venue managers can set up job ads and broadcast messages to groups of staff and receive staff document expiry notifications along with various reports.

** UPDATE ** New digital licences have commenced in NSW. Screenshots can be uploaded into MyRSA. Visit our FAQ page for further details.

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MyRSACertification Types



Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)



Responsible Conduct / Service of Gambling



Privacy Training for ID Scanners



Responsible Management of Licensed Venues



Security Officers in Licensed Premises

Why you need MyRSA

MyRSA uses modern technology to keep you compliant in a cost-effective, time-saving way that will reduce the risk of hefty fines



Saves hours in managing competency documents



Instant notifications and database updates



High level security of all data



Stay compliant and keep updated on staff document renewals plus changes to regulations

Where can I work?

In every Australian state and territory you are required to hold certain competency certifications to be employed in licensed premises.

The most common is Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) which is required if your duties include the sale or supply of alcohol. Some states recognise interstate qualifications and some don't. International qualifications are not accepted anywhere in Australia. See below State Rules & Regulations to find out more.


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