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Benefits for Staff

MyRSA for staff has been designed to manage your certification documents, stay compliant and reduce the risk of hefty fines.

A waiter in the entertainment precinct of Sydney can face an automatic fine of up to $440 if he/she is working with an expired RSA interim certificate, even if waiting to receive their competency card.

In NSW alone there are 14 separate fines for staff relating to RSA, RCG and Privacy certifications up to $440 per offence and $550 for working whilst suspended. This is regardless of court imposed fines which can be extremely higher, especially with repeat offenders and can lead to the suspension or disqualification of your certifications.

MyRSA provides unique features to help you reduce the risk of hefty fines such as sending reminder notifications to you one month before your certification documents expire.

Staff Account Setup and App Features

Set up your free staff account using a web browser at The initial setup can not be made using the app. Click Login/Register

Once your account is set up download the free MyRSA app from the App Store or Google Play. Alternatively you can log in using a web browser on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Compliance documents can be uploaded or a photo captured if required and document details entered.

You will receive a notification when your documents are one month/one week from expiring, and also on the day/day after they expire.

Documents are not limited to RSA and RCG, but any important documents can be stored such as a forklift licence, drivers licence, security licence or even HR documents such as superannuation and working holiday visas – store anything you need to be reminded of.

You can connect to venues that require copies of your documents as part of your employment. Venues that have a MyRSA account will give you their venue code to connect. If you keep any personal documents set to ‘private’ then venues cannot view these. This is set up by default (apart from compliance certification documents).

Alternatively a venue can set up a MyRSA profile for you and you will be notified when this happens. You can then download the App and take control of your profile. If a venue makes any changes to your documents or profile then you will receive a notification.

You can disconnect from a venue at any time, however the venue will be notified of the disconnection which will take effect in 48 hours.

Venue managers can send you messages through the App that will be in the form of Push Notifications and Emails.

You will be kept updated on important legislation changes, training requirements and industry news and how they affect you.

Job Board

If you are not connected to any venues then you can view the MyRSA job board on your App. You will be notified of new jobs and can filter these based on location and job type.

The website also displays the job board.

You can easily apply for jobs just by tapping on the advertiser’s email address which will open a new return email for you. Write a message, attach your CV and send!

Sample Scenarios

1. Julian has come to Australia on a working holiday visa and has just completed his RSA course in NSW. Julian now wants to find a job as a waiter in the Sydney City area.

Solution – Julian should set up a MyRSA account at then download the MyRSA App. He can then view existing jobs, filtered by location in Sydney and position as a waiter. New jobs will also be notified to him as they become available. If Julian finds a job that interests him he responds by pressing the advertisers email address and sending them a message with his CV.

2. Amy has just started a new job as a bartender at Cocktails ‘N Dreams (please don’t sue us, Tom). The venue has a MyRSA account but Amy doesn’t.

Solution – The venue will create a MyRSA profile for Amy and upload/capture her RSA certification document and details. Amy will be notified by email that her profile has been set up and she can download the MyRSA App and take control of her documents. If Amy completes a renewal course and updates her document in MyRSA, her connected venues will get notified of the change and automatically be updated with the new document.

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Where can I work?

In every Australian state and territory you are required to hold certain competency certifications to be employed in licensed premises.

The most common is Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) which is required if your duties include the sale or supply of alcohol. Some states recognise interstate qualifications and some don't. International qualifications are not accepted anywhere in Australia. See below State Rules & Regulations to find out more.