MyRSA for Venues

Benefits for Venues

MyRSA is designed for venues to manage staff certification documents, stay compliant and reduce the risk of hefty fines.

A venue licensee in the entertainment precinct of Sydney can face an automatic fine of up to $1100 per staffmember who has an expired RSA, with further fines if that staffmember commits an offence.

In NSW alone there are 38 separate fines relating to RSA, RCG and Privacy certifications up to $1100 per offence (NSW RSA fines). This is regardless of court imposed fines which could be much higher, especially with repeat offenders, which could lead to the suspension or disqualification of the venue's liquor licence.

MyRSA provides unique features to help reduce the risk of hefty fines such as sending reminder notifications to venue managers one month and one week before staff certification documents expire as well as on the day and day after they expire.

Venue Account Setup and App Features

Venue and staff accounts need to be initially set up using a web browser at Click Login/Register

Set up a single venue or group of venues with separate departments and department managers if required.

A subscription will then be required to add staff (see pricing below).

Staff profiles and MyRSA accounts can be set up by the venue or a staffmember with an existing account can easily connect to the venue.

After the initial venue account has been set up download the free MyRSA App from the App Store or Google Play.

Staff documents can then be uploaded or a photo captured if required and document details then entered.

Managers and staff will be notified when staff documents are one month/one week from expiring and on the day/day after they expire. Regular reports on the expiry status of all staff will also be emailed to the venue managers.

Documents are not limited to RSA, RCG and Privacy but any important documents can be stored such as a forklift licence, drivers licence, security licence or even HR documents such as superannuation and working holiday visas.

Venues can also store and get expiry notifications on their own documents such as fire safety renewals, council DA renewals, liquor license fees, etc.

Managers can create staff reports anytime (filtered by departments, certification types and expirations). They can check these against their rosters to confirm all staff are listed and compliant.

Managers can broadcast individual or group messages to staff - use this for example to call a staff meeting or see if someone can cover a shift at short notice. Staff will receive a push notification (if they have the app) as well as an email. Managers will be kept updated on important legislation changes, training requirements and industry news.

Job Board

Managers can advertise for positions on the job board which is at no extra cost to the venue subscription. This can be set up on your computer or even on the app.

Jobs will appear on the MyRSA website.

Staffmembers who are NOT connected to any venues will receive notifications of newly advertised jobs which they can view on their app.

Staffmembers who are connected to a venue will NOT be able to view or access the job board on their app.

Sample Scenarios

1. John owns a venue and requires his managers to take a copy of a new staffmember’s RSA certification and file it in the office RSA register. John is relying on the manager checking all the details are correct.

Solution – With the MyRSA app the manager can set up the new staffmember's account using their smartphone and upload or capture a photo of their RSA document. John can then view this anytime. If the new staffmember already has a MyRSA account then the manager would sight the card/certificate and ask them to enter the venue code to connect.

2. Manager Craig has to check compliance in his group of 8 venues spread throughout Sydney each week. He has to visit each venue and check all the staff have their RSA. He makes the managers keep a copy then he check the expiry dates of all the interim certificates and competency cards. This is very time consuming and repetitive.

Solution – Using the MyRSA app all the staff documents are uploaded and available to view anytime. The venue and department managers will be notified when their staff documents are expiring and expired. The managers can run a report anytime to match against their rosters.

3. Steve manages a venue and needs extra staff for a busy event period. He does not want to spend money on advertising.

Solution – Advertising on the MyRSA job board is free and anyone currently not connected to a venue will receive a notification of Steve’s job.
MyRSA works closely with RTOs and encourages students (especially overseas travellers with working holiday visas) to download the App on completion of a RSA/RCG course. They will then receive notifications as new jobs are advertised - bringing the job to the job hunter!

Subscription Pricing

Downloading the app is free. 
A group or venue account must first be set up through with a subscription required for each venue to add users (staff) and documents. The current fee structure is as follows:

*** SPECIAL *** All plans currently have an introductory offer of a BONUS 6 MONTHS. This offer expires on 15th January, 2018.

Plan A - Basic: Up to 10 users for 6 Months $30.00 (+GST)

Plan B - Medium: Up to 50 users for 6 Months $60.00 (+GST)

Plan C - Large: Up to 100 users for 6 Months $90.00 (+GST)

Plan D - Enterprise: 100+ users for 6 Months $POA - Use the contact form to get in touch with us and we will personalise a plan for you.

Subscriptions are paid 6 monthly in advance by credit card (Visa/Mastercard) through EWay with NO extra credit card fees.

Setting up an account is easy. Using the venue guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions if required.

MyRSA can also arrange a setup service for additional fees. Please contact us for further information.

Upgrading to a higher subscription level can be done anytime however any outstanding days from a lower plan will be redundant (including any bonuses).

Download the MyRSA Venue Guide

Questions? Visit our FAQ page on the App
Visit our FAQ page on General Info, Certification & Training

MyRSA has been developed by a team who have a deep knowledge of the hospitality industry. With ease of use it provides the service and apps to help venues and staff stay compliant and reduce the risk of hefty fines.

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